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What Makes Gold-i Support Special? - Interview with Head of Support, Matt Smith

In this interview with Gold-i's Head of Support, Matt Smith, discover why the standard of support is crucial for brokers when partnering with a technology provider, including details on the level of support clients can expect to receive when becoming a partner.


How long have you worked at Gold-i, and what does good customer support mean to you?

I have worked at Gold-i now for nearly five years. Good customer support is a service that focuses on resolving client issues and queries as quickly and as efficiently as possible and thinking about what additional value add we can provide. For example, if a client asks about how a particular piece of functionality works, why not offer to give a demonstration for not only them but for any colleagues to build their knowledge so that they can save time by performing the actions themselves next time.


Why is the standard of support crucial for brokers when partnering with a technology provider?

There are several reasons why the standard of support is crucial here. The main being is that the broker has a trusted technology provider to provide the software (and sometimes hardware) and ensure that it runs as expected. If there are issues, they are heavily reliant on the provider to analyse, investigate, and resolve any problems rather than doing this in-house. Of course, the advantages of this partnership approach are that the brokers can provide valuable feedback and ideas that could influence the direction Gold-i takes regarding our roadmap.


What level of support can clients expect to receive?

Regardless of whether you take our managed service or have just purchased one of our products, all clients can expect the same quality standard when it comes to our support service. All helpdesk tickets are acknowledged and responded to within a couple of hours at most (much sooner for higher priority items!), and there is an immediate acknowledgement and update for all issues raised via our emergency support contact details.


Is there anything in our standard service that clients may not know? 

Our standard service includes the monitoring of our products via automated email. If the software detects a problem or an issue, it will send an automated email to our Support team so we can check for any issues and raise them with the client if needed. Often, the clients are unaware that we are performing these checks proactively for them in the background, but I’m sure they are appreciative that we do!


In terms of supporting Gold-i clients, what are you most proud of?

I am proud of building relationships with clients and brokers to be seen more as ’a partner’ rather than ’a provider’. We cultivate a valuable feedback loop so that clients can make us aware of potential usability enhancement requests. In turn, we can have clients trial possible new features before general release.


Can you give any examples of where the team offered excellent support that clients valued?  

The most recent example I can think of is whereby a client was having multiple issues on their hosted MT4 platform; their host server was crashing on them regularly, which directly impacted all end clients (which numbered in the thousands) trying to trade via the platform. As you could imagine, they were pretty anxious about getting this fixed!

The hosting provider could not determine the root cause, so Gold-i Support assisted them with setting up a brand-new server with the MT4 and Gold-i services. We also set up generic items such as setting default programs, installation of software dependencies and keep them in the loop on progress at every step of the way. We even scheduled and performed the necessary steps to failover from one server to the other as seamlessly as possible.

They were very appreciative of the assistance that we gave them in this instance, and it meant that they could concentrate solely on communication and follow up with the platform’s end users.


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