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Visual Edge is the ultimate Business Intelligence and Risk Management Tool for your Brokerage.

Not only does it provide you with a full risk management suite, for all aspects of your brokerage - including balancing your A-Book and B-Book clients through user-friendly visual interfaces; but also, allows you to instantly capture your capital requirements and client trading activities, as required by regulators.

Complete Oversight of your Business

Gold-i Visual Edge


  • Monitor the key metrics that drive your business
  • Optimise client trade flow to increase profits
  • Monitor toxic clients and unwanted scalpers to reduce losses
  • Monitor exposure with email alerts
  • Generate reports to support your regulatory requirements

The Ultimate Business Intelligence and Risk Management Tool for your Brokerage

Easily balance your A-Book and B-Book clients, capture capital requirements and client trading activities and monitor toxic clients and unwanted scalpers with a real-time dashboard.

We selected Gold-i Visual Edge for two main reasons – to have an easy and user-friendly view of our risk in real-time and also to help us to identify toxic clients. It has proved to be an invaluable business tool. Gold-i Visual Edge gives us the oversight and extra control to help us to implement our risk management strategy. In addition, by helping us to spot toxic clients, we estimate it saves us in excess of $50,000 per month.

Steven Martin, Head of Trading, FINSA

We use Gold-i’s Visual Edge for both risk management and business intelligence. It is an easy to use product which provides a simple way for us to analyse our clients. Visual Edge gives us up-to-date information about our trading operations in real time, helping us to mitigate our risk. We also use Visual Edge as a reconciliation tool against our own raw data.

Mark Gemma, CEO, Acetop Financial

Gold-i Visual Edge

Reduce Risk & Automate Reports

Stop managing the risk of your brokerage with outdated methods that require time and money and may not be compliant. Visual Edge allows you to benefit from a complete view of your trading operations across multiple servers with live updates.

Easily create and customise data reports for regulatory reporting and export to Excel or CSV format if required. Every department in your brokerage will find the benefits of Visual Edge - from Risk Management to the Dealing Desk, to Compliance, to Finance, and to Marketing.

Available in English and Chinese

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