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Gold-i Growth Suite Schematic

Trading Technology Built to Grow With You

Gold-i Growth Suite

Flexible technology solutions are available depending on business size and growth stage. Get in touch to discover the different packages, tailored for your businesses individual needs. 


Multi-Asset Liquidity Management


  • An extremely fast and highly flexible modular multi-asset liquidity management platform, fully integrated with MT4 and MT5
  • Manage multi-asset liquidity including FX, CFDs and Cryptocurrencies with reliable technology and benefit from discounted transaction fees when you join Gold-i Matrix NETwork
  • Multiple Routing and Aggregation Methods

Liquidity Providers within the Gold-i Matrix NETwork

The calibre of Liquidity Providers within our Matrix NETwork adds value to our broker clients, ensuring that they have access to high quality, competitively priced liquidity across multiple asset classes.

MT4 Bridge
MT5 Gateway

MT4 Bridge & MT5 Gateway

  • Award-winning ultra-low latency smart routing product
  • Offers full control to set up a direct connection from your MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 server to Liquidity Providers.
  • Get the best price with no slippage
  • Supports multiple asset classes
Visual Edge Main Dashboard
Visual Edge - Trade Blotter
Visual Edge - STP

Visual Edge & Visual Edge Lite

  • A highly sophisticated business intelligence visualisation tool that helps retail brokers to understand the essence of data that drives business
  • Manage your market exposure risk across all asset classes and monitor toxic clients and unwanted scalpers to reduce losses
  • Generate reports to support your regulatory requirements


Plug-In and Accelerate the Growth of your Brokerage

Metatrader Plug-ins to Supercharge Your Brokerage

  • Leverage the most cost-effective post-trade allocation tool with Gold-i’s Multi-Account Manager (PAMM or MAM)
  • Automate in real-time profit sharing to be configured for any number of client groups or individual clients and any number of agents/ Introducing Brokers with Gold-i IB Profit Share
  • Integrate MetaTrader into any back/middle office, CRM or external system with Gold-i Link for MT4
  • Get rich real-time data out of your MetaTrader server to feed your risk management or marketing systems with Gold-i RiskDB for MT4
  • Receive prices from selected connections for any instrument and from any market and push them into your MetaTrader 4 platform with Gold-i Price Server
MAM Pro image

Ask about our Free MetaTrader Plugins when you get a Gold-i Bundle!

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